indeed, all those interested in Visionary art are invited to participate - thus bringing about some cohesion in what might be called our 'movement'.
     What is Visionary art? The main article, A Manifesto of Visionary Art, is intended to clarify that question. On the other hand, it may very well cause disagreement - provoking, I hope, discussion. I have left the words 'A First Draft' above the title of the Manifesto, because I do not see it as definitive. Instead, the VISIONARY REVUE has posed the question - What is Visionary Art? What is more, it has offered the First Draft of the Manifesto as a possible answer. But, the issue is then left open to debate - in three languages.
     Established groups of artists now exist in three European countries. In England, there is The Society for Art of the Imagination headed by Brigid Marlin. In Germany, there is Labyrinthe - die Gesellschaft für phantastische und visionäre Künste, headed by Otfried Culmann. And in France there is SAFIR - le Société des Arts Fantastique, de l'Imaginaire et du Reve, headed by Claude Cussac. I remain in frequent contact with the head of each group. Meanwhile, I'm well aware that hundreds of other artists, more isolated, are silently at work in America and other countries.
     Through the VISIONARY REVUE, I hope to air views from artists and individuals, isolated or united, in all these countries. Correspondence in English, German or French can be addressed to me by e-mail or sent directly to my studio in the Bastille quarter of Paris. All comments and remarks related to the manifesto will be translated for inclusion in future issues. Original articles on Visionary art are also welcome.



     During the past year, I was fortunate in being able to work and study under Ernst Fuchs in Monaco. Shortly before leaving, I interviewed him on a number of topics. From those interviews, the article Fuchs on Dali was written. It makes clear how, not only the art of painting, but of seeing, is passed on from generation to generation.
     Rounding off the first issue is an article on Visionary Pornography which, admittedly, has its shocking aspects, but also seeks understanding.
     Visionary artists practise an art that is creative, conjurative, mind-altering, and thought-provoking. Despite the unique nature of many visionary experiences, there is also undoubtedly a collective aspect. The articles in these pages, their images and texts, are expressly designed to open your eyes to the worlds that we share behind them.

                                        L. Caruana

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