Krisztina Lazar & Dan Woodward:
The Resonance of the Universe
in Visionary Art

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       The heart of the universe beats, creating a growing ripple in the web of balanced energy we call reality. When this cosmic undulation, this great primal wave of energy reaches us, it washes over us with a powerful surge, filling us with the seeds of inspiration, gathered exponentially throughout its journey from the elusive source. We respond in ecstasy, overcome and weak by its terrifying force, and thus our cup runneth over, with the primordial energy, the same energy at the birth of the universe, that maintains this fresh, pure creation from momment to momment.
       When we nurture such spiritual experiences and cultivate the inspiration from the seeds planted within us, we can channel the vibrant clear light into so that we can share the inexplicable beauty with others. Therefore, mystical experience is the mind, body and soul resounding with the effects of the vibrations of the universe, like a great bell, and the glorious petrifying din is the vision that erupts within the individual.
       The frequencies of the universal continuum and the changes and variations therein affect our creative spirit, producing the crystalline patterns often seen during trance, visions or meditation. These abstract pure-form archetypes coalesce in the fractal of the soul, the collective and personal unconscious, maturing in this womb, growing from one’s knowledge and perceptions, to be birthed forth into physicality, producing itself as a visionary work of art. This journey is often not easy, but yet it is through this suffering and self-sacrifice that redemption is found and the primordial struggle of extrication from limitations is achieved.
       Visionary art, in whatever media expressed, has the unique ability to convey these subtle frequency waves into the realm of perceptive consciousness. As artists, we must let ourselves become aware of these subtle energies and freely allow the vibrations to work through us, permitting them to open us up to the glorious nature around us and the glory and pure joy alive within us as well. We become a vessel for creation, each of us a unique filter placed on the cosmic camera lens taking photographs of the same profane and sacred universe. Each photo has its own singular qualities of beauty which stand clearly on their own, but we are all essentially messaging the same truth, rather, trying to take pictures of the vast and eternally evanescent Absolute with magnificently diverse techniques. Therefore, art is a portal through which the holy light of inspiration travels from artist to viewer. It acts as a mediator between the spiritual realms and our everyday functions, tapping our subconscious with extraordinary glimpses of what we are capable of.
       Art that surpasses the dimension of our conventional plastic everyday is a pure manifestation of spirit, revitalizing and reenergizing our customary world by imploring viewers to reassess their perception of both their internal and external worlds. Art is an attempt at reaching the pure intrinsic nature of a thing, somewhat like extracting the pure essential oil from the flower of life. For example, the masters of the Dutch still life managed to capture more than just the fruit, wineglass or flowers they portrayed. They have painted the fundamental essence of those mundane realities and in effect have immortalized the very thing that makes them what they are.
       Analogously, visionary art tries to capture the quintessential lifeblood of existence, the ultimate nondual One Taste. It is where the mystical visions emanate from and that which underlies everything in both the macrocosm and microcosm of our realities. Yet, simply having a spiritual experience doesn’t singularly complete the circle in it of itself. In the attempt to illustrate the essential nexus, part of the process is connecting to an intersubjective larger context, to resonate with people on a collective level, thus transferring a personal revelation to a grand transpersonal and transcendent synthesis. In this way, we become part of the eternal yantra, the cosmic mechanism that alternately learns about itself and heals itself with each rotation of its cogs.
       Like a tuning fork setting others off in a process of sympathetic resonance, the perennial shamanic thread is laid down for new pilgrims to undertake the journey of spiritual expression. As we climb through the painful darkness and break free from the chrysalis of ego, we learn receptivity and gain the courage to lay bare our naked heart-mind, feeling the tender and profound vibrations resonating always through our world and each other, allowing the celestial cosmic heartbeat to pulse through our entire existence.
       Our Being quivers in response to the universal palpitations and from within these frequencies the rhythm of the Kosmos emanates kaleidoscopic jewels, the seeds of the visionary arts, liberated and expressed by the growing global community of writers, artist, musicians, philosophers and free thinkers. As this energy evolves through us, we stare wide at the magnificent world we were born into, and in our struggle to see the truth, we are opened to realities beyond our dreams, deep within ourselves and inside and beyond the terrestrial veil.

Co-authored by Krisztina Lazar & Dan Woodward - March 2005

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