"...Concise as an instrument for presenting the current state and dimension of the visionary phenomenon." - DE ES Schwertberger

      "Thank you so much for your Manifesto of Visionary Art - an intelligent analysis of the worldwide phenomena... Your online journal is terrific." - Alex Grey

Soft cover, 65 pages, laser photocopy
with 20 b&w illustrations
(Fuchs, Giger, Grey, De Es, Johfra etc.)


The First Draft of

A Manifesto

Of Visionary Art

A Limited Edition of
200 signed and numbered copies

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     The sources of the visionary experience are many and varied: dreams, trance, madness, meditation, entheogens...
     This little book examines them all, pursuing both 'Visions of Light' and 'Visions of Darkness'.
     Through the art and writings of Fuchs, Klarwein, Giger, Venosa, Johfra, De Es, Grey and more, this new and unusual movement in art is put into proper perspective.

      "Texts like Alex Grey's The Mission of Art and Laurence Caruana's vital Manifesto have helped define a Visionary canon through and beyond western art (...) to a transpersonal, transtemporal field of resonance - a zone of imaginal connections and hidden harmonies that shape image-making outside of historical time." - Erik Davis