L Caruana: A Mirror Delirious I
David Heskin Daniel Mirante
J. Myztico Campo Bruce Rimmell
Olga Spiegel Matthias Staber
Carey Thompson Bryan K. Ward
L. Caruana A Mirror Delirious II
Maura Holden: The Cosmic Mountain L Caruana: Myrette I
Thomas Priemon: A Prophecy L Caruana: Myrette II
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David Heskin


FALL 2007

Art (v.) = entheogen

Translating Divine breath into tangible art, by its inherent creative nature, finds a fluidity and ease that speaking of it never will….


To a degree, the terms ‘entheogen’ & ‘psychedelic’ have been used interchangeably.  However, implications of entheogenic experiences contrast many previous definitions of altered states in that the experience & perception of entheogens is to consciously unify with god.

Expanding this notion, it is worthy of constant reminder that our entire existence is inextricably woven with one life-affirming source, so really, every moment is entheogenic in nature, completely dipped in god-essence! Unable to be applied or induced, just as surely as it can never be separated or shut off..

The idea that there are god moments and non-god moments may be something that the mind can rationalize to a certain level, but upon mental rerouting and a look at the infinite nature of the cosmos, the permeation of divinity into our 3d physicality is impeccably undeniable.




The humyn challenge comes down to each of our minds ability and willingness to fathom the presence of this supreme essence while entrenched in a dualistic material dimension… so we need bridges. 

One look around shows just how infinite are the pathways to god.

Countless religions and spiritual traditions, yoga, reiki, poetry, meditation, &  even science are birthed from and point to the same mystical thing:

the Source of All Creation

David Heskin

Accelerated portals along the path have come to us as myriad substances, which, when induced remove the veils between ourselves and Source material for a relatively short period of time, allowing the heightened perception to echo through the realms of mundanity, unceasingly reminding us that we are, in fact, gilded Divinectar droplets.


FALL 2007

David Heskin

Adding ingestible medicines to the infinite list of pathways to Source

one can draw the connection that it is not only the substance, but a mindset, an conscious intention that actually brings one to become aware of the divine.

Hopefully the domains of what we conceive of as entheogens can be blown wide open through realizing that it is truly the essence of our nature to strive toward the light & spiritual understanding. All of us.

So, what can one artist do but mimic the creator in all its glory? Expressing gratitude and reverence for the unfathomably vast and unknowable through our own acts of creativity, thereby fusing Artist & Divinity simply by being in the act of creation, by becoming an embodied god droplet manifesting beauty upon the earth. Beyond judgment of technique or application.

~ The act of creating art induces god ~




onward to the process….

To be absolutely truthful about the effect of divinely inspired experience on the creation of art, the writing must suitably reflect the multidimensional nature of such journeying just a bit more directly:

So many quests into the unknowable beyond

   have commenced by ringing the bell of Art

     with highest intentions to bring back the essence



NonLinearity & Multi-D reign like the royal marriage

& as sure as I am that everything in these realms beyond my normal waking perception is utterly foreign, I discern that it is and all ways has been


Seeing is believing!


FALL 2007

When god grabs ahold of me all the way

        from what I can tell..                                                      ..orbiting

                       ..melted like a pile of sand in antigravity

stripped of density, locality, of familiar illusion, of any grip on what could have possibly launched my awareness to this distant Drealm only moments, only hours…before??  time exists not, therefore becomes flat,

becomes ….. ‘B4’   in relation to this gift of hyperdimensional omnisentience!

   Soaring & being soared through

     Sourcing & resourced to create this’elf anew

Gods creative ingenuity exponentiates through this
recurring dreamtime

     but only in the most exotic of unimaginably
splendorous ways...

        this tesseractivational magnificence is but a portal

             such beautiful disorientation, the ride

                ensures the complete losing of your mind… 






now I’m iridescent me

unlimitedprimitive gravityfree

may it all:ways be that this dense flesh and bone

transcends limitation, expressing source code

free of pain & fear, I am reminded & reminded

of the nature of the nature of the nature

Allthings Spiral

One constant among the madness & the unexplainable:

  i lack awareness that anything could ever be random

   for all manner of dark realms and angelic ambassadors
have gifts to share,

     missing pieces so personal and intimate

        That which is hardest to look at is that which has
most to teach,

             summoning heavenly or hellish messengers of
the highest order

                 to deliver the word that we most need to hear

            Always offered so that healing may occur

      in full presence & support of the most high self..

   no matter the darkness of my innermost cavern

 no matter the darkness, forever beckons an experience of

accepting the darkness

Loving the darkness

Choosing to live every moment with awareness of infinite connectedness

To all beings & all life


FALL 2007

When 3 returns to D

& the portals have slipped shut,

downloaded with impossibly deep vistas,

mindwashed in light,

brushes in hand…

((& I have just become & re-become myself for lifetimes))

of course nothing immediately flows forth!

What single vision could ever accurately represent full spectrum multidimensional immersion in the unspeakably Divine?

There is no capturing, no photo reference for this..

There is only the flow

Can the artist learn to step out of the way and into the Flow?

To create art which represents our deepening innerstanding of these

Sacred textures of the infinite.

Permeating & surfacing through time, the innermost self finds its rhythm

to express reflections on the path of the soul, as past & future crystallize into one effervescent moment…eternal, yet urgently awaiting the unique artistic manifestation potential in everyone

Intend  & the medicine of God will guide




So many quests into the unknowable beyond

   Have triumphed through ringing the bell of Art

     with highest intentions to bring back, and further,
become a channel for

        the essence of Divine pigment, & become its
faithful brush!

          To connect with the most high through the breath,
heart & Art.

            Actualizing divine sight to see beyond one’s own

              story to realize what time it is on planet earth..

Time for everyone to embody their highest selves & create from the core of  

consciousness that is our spiritual center.

These deepest excursions within imply a responsibility of the Visionary,

through Great Spirit’s mystical storytelling and then our own.

Ever further inspiring evolution of Art’s Divine mimicry,

to be guided by Healing, the true nature of nature!


FALL 2007

The legacy of art that any one person, any group,

& the entire planet of co:creators leaves for the future

is the guide and the teaching that all future generations will absorb.

This lineage of art is foremost an autobiographical trail through our unique experiences in our lifetimes while the effects will ripple through generations to come…

The visions we dive so deeply to receive can be translated with the highest of intention for the harmonizing of self & planet to our Divine Vibration. 

Our individual pathways of creative self-discovery will be gifted beyond the barriers of language to those who will experience the world we, as ancestors, envisioned for them through this art.

What understanding did the artist have of the world?

What compassion did they find and how did they become enriched through their quest for the source?

The effect of each artists willingness to transcend limitation by bridging their consciousness to the realms of infinite possibility will deliver the message of Spirit to all beings in all times..

To engage in the creation process is to invoke the spontaneous convergence of all previous & future manifestations into a cryptic encoding for only ones self to unravel, following the threads to their ends, birthing & dying in simultaneity..

Paintings are breaths between worlds..

May the visionary arts find focus in planetary healing!

David Heskin


L Caruana: A Mirror Delirious I
David Heskin Daniel Mirante
J. Myztico Campo Bruce Rimmell
Olga Spiegel Matthias Staber
Carey Thompson Bryan K. Ward
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